Mad Blue



Prepare to be enchanted by Mad Blue, the sensational disposable vape flavour by Lost Mary. Mad Blue is an exquisite fusion of luscious blueberries and a burst of invigorating menthol. Every inhale will transport you to a serene oasis where the juiciness of ripe blueberries delights your palate. The refreshing menthol breeze dances on your taste buds, leaving you feeling revitalised and energised. Like a soothing breeze on a scorching summer day, Mad Blue offers a delightful escape into a world of pure vaping bliss. The Lost Mary QM600 is the ultimate companion for this delightful flavour, boasting user-friendly features and up to 600 puffs of satisfaction, powered by a reliable 550mAh battery. Whether you're embarking on an adventure or seeking a moment of relaxation, this compact device with 2ml of flavourful nic salt is your ticket to vape paradise on the go.


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